Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Zoya Crystal and an Ice Storm Warning

  As many folks know there is a huge storm here in the midwest.  Luckily I have a boss who understands that driving about an hour in sleet/freezing rain is ridiculous for a 6 hour shift.  So I get to stay home tonight!! 
  As a result I've done some fancy nail art. (Well fancy for me).  I work at a veterinary hospital in the emergency department.  This means any nail polish I put on is gone by the next day.  With this ice plus my day off tomorrow that means I can wear stuff like falsies and nail stickers!!

  A couple weeks back I purchased a nail kit.  I believe it was a Fashion Diva kit, but I threw out the box and I cannot seem to find it anywhere online.


  The set came with 5 sets of nail stickers.  I was personally attracted to those neon stickers.  (They were perfect for my 80s inspired mani that I never got pictures of. :( bummer.)  It also came with two sets of falsies, the pink ones above and then this set of white with purple shimmer.  Unfortunately the set didn't come with enough sizes to cover all my nails.  So I had to put a nail from another kit on my middle finger.  I also lost my pinkie right after I applied these so it's got a generic nail too.

  This is actually my ideal nail length.  But the way I abuse my nails at work I can't seem to get them past the length they currently are.

  After applying the nails I decided I wanted to test drive one of my 3 free Zoya nail polishes.  It's Crystal!!  I think this is an amazing blue with gold flecks.  I tried it once on my short nails and it was icky.  It's amazing how a few extra centimeters can make a polish look so much better.

Blurry pic alert!

  And lastly because I've been stuck indoors all day and I get bored real easily; I added some stickers to Crystal.  Saweet.

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