Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 3 - The Vampy Valentine

So on day three I wanted something darker and not so girly.  So I tried on my China Glaze Lubu Heels.  Funny thing about it was that I was just going to leave it.  I thought its enough nail art to make me happy for the day.  Plus I really didn't want to go further with the design.  I mean this marathon blogging about valentines nails is starting to leave me feeling uncreative.  I just want to sit in a nail polish free hole for a day or two.  :P

But as fate would have it I ventured over to Chloe's blog again and got inspire.  Also, I got tired of the simple Lubu Heels and I wanted to spice it up a bit.  So I added Hard Candy Matte topcoat at a diagonal.  I actually didn't do too bad with the line.  Then I thought, "wouldn't my Hot Topic red glitter look amazing across that diagonal."  So I did. 

I always show my dad my nail art.  This is one of the few I've been proud of.  So when I showed him he said "Wow I really do like that one."  Did he just imply that he doesn't like my other designs?  Hrm.  Oh well.  Here to the Vampy Valentine.  I was sad to take it off to prepare for day 4.

 Day 4 is turning into a China Glaze Anchors Away Masterpiece.

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