Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OPI and Broken Nails

 Today I'm wearing a little OPI.  This is from the Burlesque Collection.  I love a good vampy polish, this is Tease-y Does It.  I swear my clean-up looks better in person.  Once I get this super-awesome camera out I see all the mistakes.  The nail polish application really isn't the real trouble here.  As you might have read before I work at an animal hospital.  This past weekend was a hell weekend.

I broke some nails.
I broke not one.  (This is my favorite nail, luckily I saved it with a little nail glue.)
Not two.
Not three.
Not four.
Not five. (This one has to stay short.  It breaks while I bowl every week.) 
Not even six.
But seven.   This one breaks my heart the most.  This is the only one where my entire length broke off.

This was a really hard weekend both mentally and talon-ly.

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