Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 2 - The Funky French Valentine

So on Day 2 Valentine's nail I attempted my very first french manicure... It ended up being a Funky French manicure at that.  I'm no where near as good at these as Chloe.  Here nails are always perfection.  I think mine are until I get out my dad's camera.  Then I see the uneven polish and the dry cuticles.  AND the bald spots at the tips.  Ooops.

I used China Glaze's Ahoy and Branding Iron for this look.  I felt like the Branding Iron tips look like chocolate next to the super pink Ahoy.  These bright pinks are my favorite nail color.  My arsenal is building up with them.

What I used.

I used a nail brush from Born Pretty to achieve the narrow tips.  All in all this being my first time I've ever free-handed nail art I'm not too disappointed.  However the girls at work were!! One of the girls took one look and said "That's it.  I'm not impressed."  She was expecting more nail stampies.  Oh well I love it. :)

Tomorrow I've got a super simple, vampy Valentine's nail.
Edit: It's not so simple any more :P

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