Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seven Days of Valentine Nails - Day 1

Now That I've received my Born Pretty AND Bundle Monster plates I've been a nail stamping fiend.  This is another stamp from my BP plates m07.  I loved this idea in theory but the execution sucked.  I applied my basecoat and then a layer of Sally Hansen White On, then Orly's Winter Wonderland overtop.  I'm not sure if it was my impatience or the color itself but I felt like I couldn't get it to dry.  I waited almost 30 minutes before stamping my images and had to redo my pinkie 3 times.

I ended up stamping China Glaze Branding Iron over top.  I LOVE this red.  It so deep but shiny. Then when I got the above pinkie stamp I said "Good enough!!" and left it at that.  It looks like my impatience took over when I applied the final topcoat too.  Look at that streaky design.  :(  Another nail fail.  


But I think tomorrow's V-day nail will be much nicer.  I'm wearing it now and I LOVE it.  My first attempt with the funky french.

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