Monday, January 31, 2011

Purple Flowers and Color Club

So I whipped together another look this afternoon.  I'm still working on getting better with my fauxnad designs.  I used Born Pretty plate M08. 
Can you see the holo sparkle on the plate!!

I used Color Club Catwalk Queen - that lovely vampy deep purple on the left, and Fashion Addict- a gorgeous pale purple holo.  With a little Orly Bonder Basecoat, my half gone dried up Seche Vite.

The whole look.  I absolutely love these colors together.  I'm still perfecting my stamping technique as you can see from my pinkie.  And HOLY GOSH! do you see that little bit of yellow polish on that nail??  I wore that on Friday night to an 80s tribute band concert.  I've done nail polish remover twice.  How does that stay on so long?

These were my two favorite nails.  I got the stamper to work on both.  But I apologize for those overly dry cuticles.  I had just used acetone to remove some glitter polish.  I forgot to apply my Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream beforehand.

Here is the lovely picture of my thumb.  I hate the way Seche Vite shrinks my polish when it starts to dry out.

All in all I love this look.  However it's a good thing you can't see my right hand.  The stamps are going different directions.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 28, 2011

My first look!

Earlier this week I got my purchase from Born Pretty.  And a couple weeks back I received Pelican Gray from China Glazes Anchors Away Collection.  Then last night while at the bar with my dad I stopped at the neighboring Target to pick Nicole by OPI Pitch Black Glimmer.  As a result I had all the ingredients I needed to attempt one my favorite manicures as seen on the Canadian Nail Fanatic.

I started out with Pelican Gray. 

Then my Dad called me to go out to the bar.  In my rush to put on my clothes.  You might already be thinking what happened next.  Oh yes, my right hand suffered the brunt of the attack.

Look at the zipper marks on my index finger.

I said screw it and left.  While out I picked up Pitch Black Glimmer.  Got back from dinner and drink and fixed my right hand.  And attempted that super-awesome manicure.

Here's what happened on my left hand.

I placed my stamper image from BornPretty M71 first.  Then layered Pitch Black Shimmer over.  As you might be able to see I smudged the whole darn thing.  My ring finger is the only one that made it out half-way nice.

Pay no attention to the smudge on the thumb.

So then I decided to do the glitter under the stamp.  I attempted this method on my pinkie, ring and middle finger before I realized it wasn't stamping right.  So I top coated the glitter and stamped over it.  Finally I got decent nails out of my pointer and thumb.

All in all this was a fail.  I didn't have the heart to remove this.  I'm still wearing it 24 hours later.  It took me just to darn long to take it all off.  I don't want to even begin to think about removing the glitter.  Ugh.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My first look! (coming soon)

My first look is coming soon.... Holy Poop did I jack it up.  Can't wait to see now eh?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Mission Statement

All I can remember, ever since I was young, is biting my nails.  It's been almost 4 months since the last time I bit, tore or generally desecrated my nails.  In my efforts to be a better nail caretaker I've discovered the wonderful world of nail art. 

My goal with this blog is to document my attempts at growing my nails, decorating them with fabulous colors and attempting the nail art designs I've seen across the web.  In attempting others designs I will always link back to the place where I first saw the design.

Here's to the wonderful adventure we will embark upon.